Visual Basic 5.0 Computing Project

A Music Book & Song Details Storage System

The Music System - Written in VB 5.0L


  • Stores data in two Random Access files.
  • Data arranged in a two-way Linked List structure.
  • Full add, edit, delete and un-delete operations.
  • Multi-Parameter searching
  • Reports of all songs matching the search criterea can be produced. They can then be printed or saved as text or HTML.
  • Three password layers: Browse, Edit & Admin allowing access to different sets of features.
  • Data Backup & recovery features

This is my A-level computing project done in 1997-1998. It may not be brilliant (well it helped me get an A in Computing anyway) but it does all the things that the sylabus says it must making it worth a look if you are doing a similar project.

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