nbClipboard clipboard extendernbClipboard

nbClipboard is a clipboard extender that adds queue and stack support to the Windows clipboard. It can also perform simple text transformation to the data (convert to lower/upper case and search/replace).

It is written in C# for version 3.0 of the .NET framework. This is preinstalled on Windows Vista and available as an additional download for Windows XP.

Link: nbClipboard clipboard extender

Atomic MIDlet game Atomic

Atomic is a game where you have to take over the board with your atoms. It is a MIDP 1.0 MIDlet which will run on most modern mobile phones. You can play against a configurable number of computer players and change their skill level.

This game is written in MIDP Java using the core MIDP 1.0 APIs.

Link: Atomic MIDlet game


PhotoStamper is a very simple command line utility that takes a JPEG photo and then adds a date/time stamp to the photo.


It is an extremely simple tool and so is only of limited use. It is written in Java 1.5 for fun rather than being for serious use. Includes the Java source code.

Link: PhotoStamper

Reverse engineering

This tool was created for a final year University computing project. It can produce a UML class diagram for simple Java projects from the source code and class files.

Java reverse engineering tool

It is written in J2SE 1.2.

Link: Java reverse engineering tool



Rate of Photosynthesis Investigation into how changing the levels of light and CO2 affect the rate of photosynthesis.
Yeast population changes Experiment to see how the population of yeast changes over a number of days. Two methods will be used to measure the population numbers - 1) a haemocytometer and 2) a colorimeter.
Blowfly larvae's response to light Do blowfly larvae move towards the light or away from it? This project looks into this question.
Rate of transpiration in leafy shoots Investigating how the surface area of the leaves and the speed of the wind affect the rate of transpiration in leafy shoots.
Surface area to volume ratio experiment How the surface area volume ratio affects the rate of diffusion in substrates and how this relates to the size and shape of living organisms.
Effect of substrate concentration on the rate of reaction Experiment into how the concentration of the substrate hydrogen peroxide affects the rate of reaction of the enzyme catalase.


Extrusion of plastic - An investigation into the workings of a company who produce extruded plastic floor skirtings.

Extrusion of plastics project

Compression of cast iron - Exploring the properties of cast iron when it is put under compression. This report looks into whether the cast iron shears at an angle of 45 and also whether it shears at the textbook pressure.

Compression of cast iron


Java reverse engineering project - it examines Java source code and produces a representation of the Java source code as a UML class diagram.
Computing revision notes - covering databases, concurrency, OSs and a variety of other subjects. The offer solutions to common problems that you may be given in a Java teaching course.
Visual Basic project
Java source code - we have a large-ish selection of simple Java source code for you to look at and download.
 import java.io.*;
 public class Hello

Other websites

London Photo Project

The tube walking project was a personal challenge that I completed in May 2008 after walking 378.5 miles over 54 walking days spread through a period of six months.

Walking the London Underground

I walked between all the station on all the lines of the London Underground. Each step of the journey is documented in this blog. Over 3000 photos were taken and are available for viewing as are the GPS walking maps for all routes.

Link: London Underground Tube Walking project

Advanced HTML

In my Advanced HTML Guide you can lean many assorted HTML tricks, from using HTML tables to JavaScript.

Advanced HTML web site

On this site you will also find the Frames Guide, and information on search engine submissions and buying webspace and domain names.

On the HTML colours page is a table of the 216 browser safe colours that you can use without them being dithered.

Link: Advanced HTML Guide

Kettle Cookery

This is a simple guide to cooking with your kettle - note this could be dangerous so is meant for fun only!

Cooking with kettles

Link: Kettle Cookery

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